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The Academies

At the Accademies of Salerno and Baranzate (Milan), there will always be motivation and inspiration to fully express the potential of each student.

Our educational programs offer highly professional training for hairdressers, associates and other figures involved in the salon.


All Mashup training is held by 2 educational teams: Mashup e BHSalon.


Composed of international professionals: in each nation MashUp Haircare partners will have their own artistic team coordinated by the Italian team led by Walter Armanno. They will have advanced courses and inspiration, presenting trends in the various countries making MashUp international image. Click on photos for details and bio.

Giuseppe Mascolo

Giuseppe, son of art, begins to become interested in the world of hairstyling thanks to the influence of his father Franco. Immediately after graduating and having a brief experience in the family salon, she begins her gavetta in the salon BHSALON in Florence. His interest in academic life is so pronounced that he takes all the exams in a very short time and becomes one of the youngest educators. His career has never stopped and today, after being a part of Tigi, BHSALON and Tony & Guy, is one of the educational and creative directors of MashUpHaircare Italia.

Walter Armanno

Walter Armanno, a fashion hairstylist born in Italy, moves to Paris to embark on a hairdressing world at the age of 20. His talent leads him to win the first prize as best apprentice in the "Apprentice 2009" competition. In the same year he joined the TONI & GUY France team and became a "style director" and trainer very quickly. To be finalist in different categories at HAIRDRESSING AWARD France and to win the Best Avantgarde Award for the Year in 2012. He then begins to move his first steps in the studio and fashion world with the largest hairdressers In 2014 he left Toni & Guy exclusively for studio and fashion but in the same year he also took over the French artistic direction of MASHUP HAIRCARE, animating training, Seminars and events. In 2015, he won the first prize in the men's category at the "VISIONARY AWARDS" of the London Alternative Hair Show.

Carl Zachau

Carl has been a hairdresser for 20 years. He is currently responsible for the training of stylistic teams around the world. Carl works with MASHUP distributors, making sure that educators' teams are aware of all new MASHUP product line and hair collections. He is a highly experienced educator, Carl is respected for his organizational and communicative skills.
It understands the needs of a salon perfectly, and provides practical solutions to improving their work and skills in retailing, building business, raising the team, and loyalizing staff. This combination of business awareness and appreciation of the art of hairdressing salons make Carl an important added value to the team.

BHSalon Creative Team

A team of well-trained special educators, trained to ensure a high level of teaching, professionalism and knowledge, which will hold paths to grow assistants in salons to make them become: trainers, entrepreneurs, or directors. Click on photos for details and bio.

Paolo Micanti

Manager of BHSALON Hairdressing in Rome. At the age of 20 he decided to leave his hometown and take his first working experience in the east, in Tokyo, then stay for a long time in London. In an ultra-modern climate full of propulsive energy, Paolo lets himself be carried by attending courses with various world-famous hairdressing icons, Vidal Sasson, Sanrizz. After a year he has the opportunity to work with Toni & Guy, who is at this time in great distress, and participate in photoshoots, seminars and shows led by Anthony Mascolo. When he returned to Rome he opened his first salon in the center and began collaborating with Tigi Italia and Fabio Colucci for photoshoots, courses and seminars. Paul fully marries the BHSALON project, which still sees him as the front line as a Hairdresser, Manager and Educator.

Gianni Leccia

Gianni Leccia was born professionally in the early 1980's, during which he began his career working in Milan, together with his brother Angelo. He attended the "Acconciature Academy", where he immediately joined the "Italian Competitions Team", earning the titles of "Master of Arts" and "Master of Art Teacher". In 1984, despite his young age, he directed a salon at the gates of Milan and then opened his first studio in 1992: "Gianni Leccia Studios". Gianni's trust in teamwork has allowed him to open several other "studios" in the province of Milan. He has worked with big hairdressing companies and with some of the most important international fashion brands such as Etrò, Missoni and Trussardi. In 2009 she opened her first Academy / Salon, marrying the following year the brand and philosophy of BHSALON Company, becoming an educator and responsible for her home.

Giampaolo Canali

She started working for 14 years in the province of Milan, and immediately realized that her life was becoming a color technician. He moves his first steps at the TIGI academy, then moves to BH SALON and continues his technical career. Driven by strong passion for this job and much determination in a few years reaches in all respects the degree of technical director and educator for bh salon company. In February 2016 she opened her first salon BH SALON but did not neglect the role of educator she is in love with. Future ambitions? Become a great manager and carry on the BH philosophy.


3 lessons cycle of 2 days


Salerno: October, 1-2 / October, 8-9 / October, 15-16

A journey through the MAN's world. Starting from the art of shaving, and then going through the beard, with a special Barber Educator. Knowledge and growth of consultancy in the salon will be explained, together with the analysis of scalp and hair, and a detailed study on Mashup products and treatments.Theory first, that is essential to approach hair, and then styling and finishing, using different techniques and tools: hands, brush, hairdryer, irons. We finally get to the cut: in order to create different styles and shapes, the weight can be added or removed using the fingers, and students can learn the art of fades and other customized techniques.

The last lesson is about man collection, where fashion, latest trends and creativity take place.

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4 lessons cycles of 3 days each


Date not available, call 800103661

Licensing is a complete stylistic / technical training course that explores all the techniques of the Mashup educational system. The course, 4 meetings of 3 days is aimed at the holders or collaborators who must specialize in cutting or color techniques.

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1 lesson cycle of 2 days


Milan: September, 17-18-19
Salerno: September, 24-25-26
Rome October, 1-2

The course is a dynamic one, theory and practice, for all those who wish to start an educational program that focuses the attention on hair and scalp structure analysis, consultancy and Mashup product knowledge

2 lessons cycle of 2 days each


Date not available, call 800103661

The goal of the course is to train the salon owner and receptionist, and provide them the basic notions of management, marketing, problem solving and customer satisfaction. An intensive training where the data from a software will be analysed, and tailored marketing and communication actions will be suggested. It is the best way to enter the Mashup Haircare world.

1 lesson cycle of 2 days


Date not available, call 800103661

A blow dry course where specific techniques and products to obtain a certain effect will be analysed and abundantly explained. The pivotal point of this course is consultancy. During the course the Mashup team will show a series of tutorials, to suggest to the staff a new way of speaking to their customers. Each day is divided in two: a visual part in the morning, and workshop in the afternoon.

1 lesson cycle of 2 days


Date not available, call 800103661

The course is a dynamic one, theory and practice, for all those who wish to start an educational program that focuses the attention on hair and scalp structure analysis, consultancy and Mashup product knowledge.

1 lesson cycle of 2 days


Date not available, call 800103661

A course of 2 days at the Saco Academy in Paris intended for salon staff to be faced with new techniques and styles. The Mashup International team, a real creative lab, will hold the course. 
The course is for salon owners, but also for cut and colour staff with a minimum of two years of experience, either in cut or colour in the salon. GET INFO

1 lesson cycle of 2 days


Milan: September, 24-25

This styling and technical course starts from consultancy, for the staff to understand all needs of their customers and provide them the best service ever, and applies the educational system that includes cut and colour techniques, explained day after day. The student learns the importance of the synergy of cut and colour, to obtain the best service to satisfy the customers’ requests. This course is intended for salon owners or cut and colour staff with a minimum of two years of experience in the cut or colour in the salon.

1 lesson cycle of 3 days


Salerno: November, 12-13

Course of cut and colour of the hair fashion collections created by Mashup Haircare. The goal of the course is to bring to the salon the colours and lines of the latest trends and give the students the opportunity to participate in the fashion research work behind each collection. The course will be documented with photos and videos. This course is for salon owners and cut and colour staff with minimum two years of experience in cut or colour in the salon. Each of the two days will have a demo and workshop.

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4 lesson cycle of 2 days


Salerno: September, 10-11 / October, 1-2 / November, 5-6 / November, 19-20

Dedicated to Salon Managers and Receptionists. Mashup Education, in the last years, has created these new course cycle to present tutorials, videos, and a research about new communication forms, in order to provide the hairdressers with innovative and up-to-date tools. 
In particular, with the Fashion Visionary, 3 lessons cycles of 2 days each, Mashup Education introduces a broader education, not only about cut and colour, but also about fashion research and original communication forms. 
During the first lesson cycle, the tools to set up a collection, from the storyboard to all the elements to create a fashion image will be presented. In the second lesson cycle, fashion consultancy to be done in the salon will be analysed. During the third lesson cycle new looks for photoshooting will be prepared.