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Hair Products

Mashup Haircare

Mashup Haircare is a high quality product line created for professional salons.

The word Mashup comes from the music world and indicates a particular technique that allows you to combine two or more songs together and obtain a particular composition. The merger obtained is a new entity with its unique identity.
We have brought this concept into the hairdressing world and made it unique in our products: they are perfectly mixable in different ways, depending on the type of hair, creating a unique style each time. Mashup products are distinguished by numbers that arise from the need to easily identify style and products, are of high quality, made and tested by hairdressers, not tested on animals, do not contain SLOS and SLES Sulfates.

Mashup is not just a product line: it's identity, trend, and expression.


Our products are designed to meet every need and above all for the care and well-being of hair


We train the staff of Mashup point to give to our customers an experience that begins with an analysis of the hair to create a stylistic and let out their own identity


The style and look defined in the salon can be recreated at home with the same products